Release Process

ws4py’s release process is as follow:

  1. Update the release minor or micro version.

    If necessary change also the major version. This should be saved only for major modifications and/or API compatibility breakup.

    Edit ws4py/ accordingly. This will propagate to the and docs/ appropriately on its own.

    See also

    How to version? You should read this.

  2. Run the unit test suites

    It’s simple, fast and will make you sleep well at night. So do it.

    If the test suite fails, do not release. It’s a simple rule we constantly fail for some reason. So if it fails, go back and fix it.

  3. Rebuild the documentation

    It may sound funny but a release with an out of date documentation has little value. Keeping your documentation up to date is as important as having no failing unit tests.

    Add to subversion any new documentation pages, both their sources and the resulting HTML files.

  4. Build the source package

    First delete the build directory.

    Run the following command:

    python sdist --formats=gztar

    This will produce a tarball in the dist directory.

  5. Push the release to PyPI

  6. Tag the release in github

  7. Announce it to the world :)